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Coral Boats, Yachts Charter, Lda., Has acquired a minivan to transport its customers an extremely comfortable 7-seater Renault Grand Espace car, equipped with DVD player, air conditioning, GPS system, mobile phone, on-board computer among others.

Services to be carried out:
.All transportation services, to and from, Hotels, Lisbon Airport.
.Transport of crews to Founded Vessels and vice versa.
.Touristic Tours of Cascais, to Lisbon, Sintra, Fatima and Cabo da Roca.


The company, which, in addition, is concerned with all its clients with its safety, creating a spirit of professional and family service, valuing its crews, always employs specialized personnel with permanent and adequate training, extremely polite, with the full concept of, serve well, all your customers.

Our Brands


(Marina de Cascais, store 33)

-Boat store

(store 34, next to the market)


-Gas station

(on the Marina reception side)

Boat Rental


General Terms of the Rental:

All rentals are considered effective when the reservation is made and payment is completed 72 hours before the rental start date.
All rentals are covered by civil liability insurance, in accordance with Portuguese legislation in force, and required for the Maritime Tourist activity.
The values in the table include, fuel for 50% of the contracted sailing time, at a considered balanced speed, or cruising speed.
Rentals that occupy two periods, (10.00 - 1400 Hours), will have an increase of 25%, the existing table.
There must always be, in the case of filming, a specific insurance, of damages caused by use, in the amount of 1,000,000.00 € Civil Liability, on behalf of the Client.

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